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A profession is commonly defined as a paid occupation or vocation that involves a certain period of specialized training or formal education to gather the necessary skills essential to carry concerned with the application of the gained knowledge or skills. A professional serves others for a definite and direct compensation with the help of the acquired knowledge from the training or formal education.

A few centuries ago, there were only three professions that required formal training and took a long time to perfect; these were law, religion and medicine. However with the developments in human knowledge and advancement in technology, more and more professions got created and claimed a professional status. According to the book “The New Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought”, a profession arises when any occupation or trade transforms itself through the introduction of formal qualifications that are based upon disciplined members, education, training, examination, apprenticeship and the emergence of regulatory groups or bodies that assure that the discipline and ethical code is maintained. 

A profession can be chosen by a student after completion of ones schooling. Universities, vocational training institutes and private coaching centers impart the knowledge and skills necessary for a person to become a professional.  Some of the most popular and in demand professions include: Accountants, Scientists, Pilots, Dentists, Architects, Software engineers, Professors, etc. 


Four Tips to Finding a Professional

Whether you’re looking for an event planner, a talent scout, a hair stylist, an accountant, or a geologist, your finding specialized professional services shouldn’t be time-consuming or hard. Here are tips on how to find a professional service provider in your area or somewhere else. 1.Referrals According to Rain Today, 79% of people find the professional service provider they need t...


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