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Four Tips to Finding a Professional

Whether you’re looking for an event planner, a talent scout, a hair stylist, an accountant, or a geologist, your finding specialized professional services shouldn’t be time-consuming or hard. Here are tips on how to find a professional service provider in your area or somewhere else.


According to Rain Today, 79% of people find the professional service provider they need through referrals from colleagues. Whenever you need to locate a reliable professional service provider, ask friends, family members, associates, and neighbors who they use for relevant service.

You then conduct a background check to see if the service provider they have recommended is relevant to the service need. The mesothelioma lawyer your friend recommended may not have the specialization in intellectual property cases. Your associate may have provided you a general surgeon, but what you’re looking for is an ear specialist.

2.Internet research

Not all professionals own a website or list their services in online directories. However, some research groups or blogs publish referral information such as “best public speakers” or “top 10 barbershops in America”. According to, about 55% of Americans locate a service provider this way.

You still need to sort your list to determine which ones are relevant to your need. Some may not hold the expertise you’re locating for or may not be located in your area. Check if they have a website or look them up in the yellow pages. Round out your options, then give them a call. Interview each to find who makes you feel most comfortable.

3. Professional associations

Professional associations typically have a database of professional service providers in the industry. Ringing the Council of Fashion Designers of America, for instance, can get you a list of fashion designers of America. If you need a geologist, call the Geological Society of America for referral.

4. Referrals from other service providers

The service providers you already know can also be a valuable source of information, particularly if you’re looking for someone within the same industry. If you’re looking for a barber for your son, your hair stylist may be able to point you to the right direction. If you’re looking for a reliable throat specialist, your family physician may be able to give you some names.

How to Choose a Professional Service Provider

Picking a professional service provider can be tricky as you need to consider intangible aspects of services. One’s opinion of a service also varies from person to person. Still, it’s important to do prior research to find out what the provider’s reputation is. Talking to people you know as well as to existing clients of the professional service provider can help you gain confidence in your decision making.




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